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The Apple Tree

On 19th October the club held its Open Evening. We were very fortunate to have National Demonstrator, Nick Grounds, present his new title “The Apple Tree.”

Nick introduced the event with an extract from Jane Austen and from then on we knew we were in for a special evening. He regaled us with amusing stories of his life in a small Cambridgeshire village and his work as an Auctioneer. Nick created huge and beautiful arrangements that flowed and gave space.

He used some interesting and unusual containers and advocated including natural materials in designs. He found beauty in plant materials that had changed colour and form, and happily used dried material found in the countryside. He believed strongly in using seasonal flowers and urged us not to be tempted to buy tulips until January. Nick gave us many interesting facts and tips too, delivered in a fashion that caused much laughter.

The highly enjoyable evening ended with Marcia Chapman, our President, giving an excellent vote of thanks and some very lucky individuals going home with displays won in the raffle.

Our next club meeting will be on Wednesday, November 21st, when Elizabeth Pelley will be arranging flowers titled “’tis the season”. Visitors are very welcome.