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Sharon Badger arranged flowers with the title “The Midas Touch” at our October meeting.

Sharon’s flowers were all in beautiful shades of gold, red and orange. Her designs included an arrangement in a tall urn with gold and white antirrhinums, roses and dahlias to represent her garden.

Other arrangements represented the golden mile in Leicester and celebrated Diwali, the festival of light. She used tall golden stands with a red candle in each surrounded by red carnations.

Other designs were in a golden containers with tall lilies, and a contemporary design to represent a countryside scene. This was a tall parallel arrangement with twigs for a hedgerow and pockets of flowers to show a field with buttercups and daisies.

The grand finale was to show King Midas who was granted a wish to turn everything he touched to gold. Sharon used a tall screen with a vine covered in wire with palms and leaves sprayed gold. She added bunches of peach coloured roses into the screen and the overall effect was stunning.

Our next meeting is on Wednesday 20th November when Coral Gardiner will be arranging flowers with a Christmas theme entitled “Festive Highlights”.

Visitors are very welcome.

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