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On Wednesday 8th May we had our annual May luncheon. After a delicious lunch we were entertained by John Chennall, a National demonstrator arranging flowers entitled “Maytime’.

John used some beautiful spring flowers and garden foliage in his arrangements.The first to represent evening used a large piece of wood from a garden with an owl from the garden centre perched on one branch.The flowers used were alliums, tulips and Spanish bluebells in shades of blue and purple.

Another arrangement in shades of yellow represented sunshine. A tall arrangement represented a gardener, this used a piece of wood that looked like a man. The flowers in this design were mainly green, with viburnum opulus, hellebore seed heads, chrysanthemum Anastacia and hosta leaves.

An all white arrangement representing a birds nest was on a tall serpentine pedestal with an arc of white swans feathers. John told us how a pair of swans settled on a lake in a large garden that he maintained. They had 2 cygnets which didn’t thrive on the lake and the family had to be moved to the nearby river.

John’s arrangements used a variety of unusual mechanics which set off his designs.

The meeting was well attended by members and visitors and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the day.

Our next meeting is on Wednesday 19th June at 2 pm. Visitors are very welcome.